The pride of feeling Friulian

Friulians are spread all over the globe. And so, traditions that were part of the mythology and dreams are getting lost trough space and time. San Juan's night is magical and full of meaning: summer's solstice announces the beginning of the warmer weather, and of rituals that were considered important and effective to our ancestors.

Friulians everywhere must do something to reinforce our roots and evoke gestures and traditions, trying to accomplish something meaningful that may rescue that culture that is being lost, as well as the friulian language.

"While rediscovering and transmitting all of this, we must be like a traveler along a road carrying a flame. But there must be someone else that can carry on with that flame" Roberta Massetti

Which traditions are we tying to rescue?

Women performed rituals to try and see their future. Teenagers used grass, trees or animals to guess how their life would turn up: who would be the their boyfriend, who were they going to marry and if they would have children. In fact, those were the roles that were expected of countrywomen in the past centuries.

Their performance in those rituals were related to the success of the harvest that would fill with hope to live to the family.

Why a Flash mob?

It's a spontaneous expression that is known through the social networks to invite people to share an activity and spread awareness of an idea, or the pride to be a part of a group. The Internet makes it easy to an activity at the same time, everywhere.

How can we see each other? Choose one of the rituals in this website, and send us a short video than can even be taken with your cellphone. All the videos received will be edited to make a compilation to show the pride of being friulian, and see each other's faces.

Which music will be used?

It has to be sung in Friulian, of course, and royalty free so it can be shared though Youtube and Facebook. We invite you to propose themes, singers and bands.

With the Amôrs Furlans and Friulian Society of Buenos Aires - 2014